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What we do best

The ZAP team acquired a solid knowledge of wireless technologies and a renowned mastery in wireless network installations and configuration. We plan, deploy, improve and manage your network installations so you can benefit from their possibilities as much as possible.

The solutions offered by ZAP are performant and adapted to your reality. For a wifi coverage in a park, a commercial artery, an ice rink, the library or even the community center of your area, the ZAP team will guide you throughout the entire process.

We offer a handy product.

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Contact André Boisvert, general manager,

Sur le terrain

The Team

Since 14 years now, ZAP (formerly called Île sans fil) is developing Wifi in public areas. We are now the largest Wifi public network in Canada » devient « ZAP (formerly Île sans fil) has been developing public wifi areas for 14 years now. Today, we are the biggest public wifi network in Canada. More than 500,000 citizens and visitors use it daily.

Here's our team :

André Boisvert, General Manager,
Jonathan Sénécal, Technical manager,
François Plamondon, Network administrator, technician, franç
Denis Handfield, Event coordinator and Logistics,
Nelly Racine, Marketing assistant,
Mathieu Lussier, Marketing assistant, mathieu@Marketing assistant

Board of Directors:

Seydou Doumbia, President
Nilovna Bascunan-Vasquez, Secretary treasurer
Michael Lenzner, Vice-President
Bruner Nozière, Administrator
Nathalie Rochefort, Administrator

ZAP (438) 387-1849 - MTLWiFi (514) 685-9434